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Easy Accordion Pro Review: Best WordPress Accordion FAQ Plugin 2024

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Are you worried about creating FAQ for your WordPress website and looking for the best and easiest way to solve the issue? In this case, you will be glad to know that, today, I am here to share the best WordPress Accordion FAQ plugin, so that, you can easily build FAQ for your WordPress website without writing a line of code. 

Moreover, it also helps you showcase huge content in the accordion manner. As a result, you can display huge content under an individual heading in a narrow space. Consequently, visitors can easily expand these content. 

However, if you are interested in using the FAQ builder plugin, I suggest choosing the best one. Because a poorly coded plugin has a negative impact on your website. It may slow down your website, even sometimes, it can break down your whole website. For this reason, I always recommend using the well-coded, optimized, and updated plugin so that it never slows down or break down your website at all. 

Today, I want to focus on the best WordPress accordion FAQ plugin that I have used for my own website and I have got a better experience. I have found it as a light-weight, well-coded, optimized, and updated accordion FAQ plugin. However, I was talking about the Easy Accordion Pro plugin. I was impressed not only because of its drag and drop FAQ building system but also a complete collection of different amazing and professional-looking themes and huge customization options. Consequently, I built FAQ for my own website easily without any coding knowledge. 

Easy Accordion Pro Review

Easy Accordion Pro is the best responsive and drag & drop Accordion FAQ builder plugin for WordPress with a lot of customization options. It helps you to display multiple accordions into your site or blog quickly without writing any code. You can also create WooCommerce Product FAQ or Q&A Accordion Tab. All of 16+ Beautiful Accordion Themes come with their own customizable settings.

It comes with intuitive admin panel, horizontal and vertical layout, and color picker for unlimited color & styling option with modern pre-designed accordion themes. You can put the content of any type inside the accordion expandable section.

Easy Accordion

In short, the Easy Accordion Pro is a complete solution for building any type of accordion with any type of content. So, I want to focus on the key features of this plugin that impressed me to check out it. I hope, you will also never try to miss these features. 

Intuitive Admin Panel

A clean, intuitive, and user-friendly admin panel helps to understand the plugin’s functionalities easily. In this case, The Easy Accordion Pro offers a neat and clean, intuitive, and user-friendly admin panel. As a result, once you install and activate the plugin, you can easily understand its functionalities.

Intuitive Shortcode Generator Settings

Optimization for Speed and SEO

As I have already mentioned to you that the plugin must need to be optimized for speed and SEO. Otherwise, that can slow down your website. But in the case of the Easy Accordion Pro, you don’t need to be worried about the optimization. Because the plugin is fully optimized for speed and it is also SEO friendly.

Advanced Shortcode Generator

After creating a new FAQ accordion, you don’t need to be annoyed with displaying it. Because the plugin includes an advanced shortcode generator that generates an individual shortcode for each FAQ accordion. As a result, you can easily showcase the accordion anywhere you want. 

In addition, there is the flexibility of creating unlimited accordions, and corresponding unlimited shortcodes will be generated automatically. So, you can create and display unlimited accordion as per your needs.

Accordion Layouts

The Easy Accordion Pro offers 2 different accordion layouts like Horizontal and Vertical Layouts. Consequently, you can display the accordion content in a different style. You can add multiple accordions with different styles like some are horizontal layout and some are vertical layout. So, these 2 different layouts provide the flexibility to display accordion content in a different look and feel as per your wish. 

Accordion Layouts

Horizontal Layout Accordion

It is a common and mostly used accordion layout type. If you select it and try to make an accordion with this layout, you will find it like the following example- 

Horizontal Accordion

Vertical Layout Accordion

The vertical layout accordion is another accordion layout type that is stylish and attractive. If you select it and try to make a stylish accordion with this layout, you will find it like the following example- 

Vertical Accordion

16 Unique Beautiful Themes

Pre-designed themes are always helpful. Because they save time and energy. As a result, you can easily create professional-looking, eye-catching, and stylish accordion within a short time. In this case, the Easy Accordion Pro offers a great collection of 16+ unique beautiful pre-designed themes that are really super-cool, eye-catching, and mind-blowing. I have used a theme and made the following example easily within a short time. 

16 Pre-designed Themes

Accordion Theme Preview

I think it is really a helpful and cool feature. It helps to select the right theme. Because when you select a theme, you will able to see its preview. As a result, you can choose the right now as per your expectations. 

Multiple Accordions Collapsible

The Easy Accordion Pro allows adding multiple accordions on the same page. In addition, the plugin also allows for multiple accordions collapsible or toggle. As a result, you can easily open them together. 

Drag and Drop Sorting API

You can enjoy this drag and drop sorting feature in the admin panel. You can easily drag and drop the individual accordion and sort the theme as per your need. It saves your time when you need to re-order the accordion items. 

Activator Events

Different activator events like Active on Click, Mouseover, AutoPlay, etc are available in the Easy Accordion Pro. As a result, you can easily implement these events for your accordions. 

Nested or Multi-level Accordion

The Easy Accordion Pro supports multi-lever I mean nested accordion. As a result, you can set an accordion as a child for another accordion.

Nested Accordion

Accordion from Post and Category

It is an excellent feature that the plugin allows us to use post or category wise posts as accordion content. As a result, you can easily display a post or categories inside an accordion. I have made an example with posts as accordion content and found the following result. 

Post Accordion from Category

Accordion from Custom Post Types and Taxonomy

You may be annoyed with just post and category as accordion content and looking for the way of using custom post or taxonomy as accordion content. If you are thinking so, don’t worry, because the Easy Accordion Pro offers the facility. Now, you can easily use any custom post type or taxonomy as accordion content. 

Accordion from Post and Taxonomy

WooCommerce FAQ Tab

If you are using WooCommerce as your online shop, you often need to create FAQ tabs. In this case, the plugin can make it simple to create the WooCommerce FAQ or Q & A accordion tab. You can easily customize the tabs label and set its priority also.

WooCommerce Settings
WooCommerce Product FAQs

Group Accordion FAQ

Sometimes you may need to create FAQ accordion with a group of categories. In this case, you can also choose this plugin, because it helps to create easily a group of categories accordion FAQ.

Accordion Mode

There are some different accordion modes available in this plugin. You can select any of them like First open, All Open, or All folded. These accordion modes work on page load. 

Accordion Customization 

The Easy Accordion Pro is a highly customizable accordion FAQ plugin. You can easily customize anything that you need. You can set the limit to display the number of accordions. In addition, you can also enable or disable a specific item of an accordion. Besides, different styling options like accordion padding, border, border-radius, title color and background, custom padding, etc options are also available in the plugin. As a result, you create an amazing one for your website. You have the flexibility to create a stylish and different one.

Expand and Collapse Icon and Style

You can easily turn on or off the expand and collapse icons. The plugin includes 14+ Expand and Collapse FontAwesome Icon Style Sets. In addition, you can customize the icons. You can change expand and collapse icon color, size, and position. You can also control the speed of expanding and collapse. 

Expand and Collapse Icon and Style

Animation and Effects

Animation and effect always draw the attention of the visitors. For this reason, 25+ smooth animation and effects are available in this plugin so that you can use them for expanding and collapsing the accordion. 

AutoPlay Accordion

Autoplay accordion is an outstanding feature that adds a new dimension to the displaying of accordions. If you use this feature, then the visitors don’t need to expand and collapse the accordion content, let alone it will expand and collapse automatically one by one. Really, it is amazing and interesting. 

Advanced Typography

Typography adds a different look and feels to the style to showcase an item smartly. For this reason, the plugin includes advanced typography with 840+ Google Fonts and their variations. You can apply them for each component of the accordion.

Accordion Contents

The Easy Accordion Pro supports any type of content like HTML, shortcodes, images, YouTube, audio, etc. So, you can set any content type as the accordion content. 

Unlimited Color and Styling

The plugin is highly customizable. It includes unlimited color and styling options. You can customize anything related to each accordion and make a professional, eye-catching, and stylish accordion as per your needs. You have full access to customize anything without having any coding skills.

Multi-site and Multi-languages

The Easy Accordion Pro supports multi-site. In addition, it also supports multi-languages. Multilingual is completely ready with WPML, Polylang, qTranslate-x, GTranslate, Google LT, WPGlobus, etc.


Responsiveness and mobile-ready is an important and essential feature. In this case, the Easy Accordion Pro offers the 100% responsive accordions. So, you don’t need to be worried at all about the responsiveness. 

Countless Compatibility

The Easy Accordion Pro is compatible with any theme and plugin. You won’t find any conflict with any themes and plugins. It is also compatible with any modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, etc. 

Developer Friendly and Easy Customizable

If you need to override any style or need to implement any script, in this case, the plugin offers advanced settings to enqueue or dequeue CSS and custom CSS field to override styles. In short, the plugin is also developer-friendly and developers can easily override the styles. 

Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrap is the most popular framework. In this plugin, the bootstrap framework is used to design the accordions. There is a great benefit of using the bootstrap framework. There is no change of conflict due to using the bootstrap framework. 

Page Builders Support

Nowadays most of the websites use page builders. If you are also using the page builder in your website and you want to showcase the accordion with the page builder, don’t worry, because the plugin supports all popular page builders like WPBakery, Elementor, Divi Builders, Gutenberg and many more. 

Documentation and Video Tutorials

If you need step by step guidelines and tutorials to configure and implement this plugin on your website, you will find enough resources available for this plugin. The plugin includes good documentation and enough video tutorials. 

Unlimited Friendly Support

Dedicated friendly support is always ready to assist you with any queries. They are super-fast and friendly. 


Finally, I am at the end of this review article on the Easy Accordion Pro accordion FAQ plugin. I have tried my best to focus on the key features that are impressive, useful, and cool. Besides these, the plugin contains many more features. I have found it as one of the best Accordion FAQ builders in 2020.

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