Support Policy

Support Language

We provide support in English language only. Please make sure that your request for support is well written in decent English.

Support Eligibility

Support for paid ShapedPlugin products (plugins) is provided only to customers with valid subscriptions.

Support Medium

We only provide support through support tickets. We don’t offer support via any other channels like Facebook, Twitter, Phone, or any other way.

Before asking questions or opening a support ticket, please be sure that you have read our documentation and tutorials which are available on our website. The documentation of our products (plugins) covers their installation, configuration, usage, and most likely already addressed the vast majority of your future questions.

Our Office Hours

Monday – Friday / 9am – 6pm (GMT +6)

Support Response Time

ShapedPlugin support staff guarantee to reply to your initial request for support within 24 business hours without holidays.

Please note that while we always strive to answer your questions as soon as humanly possible, sometimes we are not able to do so for whatever reasons and we ask you to be patient during these times.

What Our Support Covers

We only provide support for our products (plugins) only.

  • Installation help
  • Configuration for your desired use
  • Help with functionality, which is not specified in our documentation.
  • The functionality of plugin(s) which does not work as advertised in the plugin’s description.
  • Usage guideline
  • Known bugs and issues

We DO NOT provide support for Customizations

We provide our products (plugins) as is. We do not customize our products or provide support for any 3rd party customization of our products. We also do not provide support if our plugin is not functioning properly because of any other 3rd party plugin which you are using.

However, in case of such confusion, we will test the conflicting plugin for compatibility if notified before purchase.

Bug Fixing

We will fix any defects in our Products as quickly as possible after they are reported. Once it is fixed, we will release updates and may also notify the users from our support channel.

If you need help with customizing one of our plugins beyond its original functionality or design, please get in touch with the Contact Us page and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again for purchasing our plugins.