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ShapedPlugin was founded at Kawtotli, Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh in early 2015 by three guys Khalil, Shamim, and Rubel who work to make the web a better place especially WordPress websites.

Over the years, We have worked with many clients around the globe and built so many WordPress websites (Custom Themes and Plugins). We found that many of the same features needed for nearly every website and desired for developers and small to large businesses looking to grow a user and customer base. That’s why we have started out to create WordPress plugins for everyone, not just a select few, that come from our tried and true experience.

We think that our plugins can solve common problems for developers and businesses and bring you good results.

We are proud of providing incredible top-notch, friendly, and expert support to help you achieve your goals. Let us know whenever you need help!

We hope you’ll enjoy our plugins! Look at our team members who are behind all of our amazing products!  More about our team→

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