Best WordPress Weather Widget Plugins

11+ Best WordPress Weather Widget Plugins 2024

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WordPress is the most reliable content management system one can ever get. Not only that, WordPress is the most popular CMS all around the world. The number of WordPress users is increasing day-by-day. To build a website, CMS is not enough. You may need to decorate your site with colorful themes and plugins.  You can bring tons of variations to your site with so many amazingly made plugins. Thousands of plugins are available online just to make your website look fantastic and user-friendly. As for now let’s just say you can keep alive weather update for your site! Sounds cool right? Of course, it is! Visitors will get an instant weather update right from your site. So, how is it even possible? This article will tell you why. In this article, you’ll get to know about some best WordPress weather widget plugins for 2024.

So, let’s see what are those.

Location Weather

Location Weather
Location Weather

Like always, ShapedPlugin brings you the most reliable, clean, and amazing weather widget plugin for your WordPress site or blog. Best suit for any WordPress theme and site. The plugin is ready to make your site look even more beautiful. So, what it has to offer? Let’s check them out! It’s 100% Mobile Responsive, minimalist & lightweight, easy, and fast WordPress deployment. Pro features are: auto location detect (Yes/No), show/hide current wind speed, priority customer support, and much more.


Location Weather PRO

location weather pro
Location Weather Pro

Another amazing shot from the ShapedPlugin team. Like the previous version, it has all the great configurations along with it. However, this PRO version a few more amazing things to offer. The following version is even cleaner and lightweight. So, what it has inside, and what makes it so special and “PRO”? Let’s see. It’s 100% mobile responsive, shortcode supported, unlimited background color, easy to use on anywhere of the theme, easy and fast WordPress deployment,  well documentation & free updates and so many things.

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ICIT Weather Widget

WordPress site. It is the best option for its clean look and fantastic user-friendliness. This plugin will add a widget that can be shown in any sidebar, is easily customizable to suit any theme, and won’t create any fault to your site at all. It has an API key, you can choose a country, you can choose a city, multiple display and color mode, shows temperature in Celsius, cache time, output CSS, credit link, shows wind speed, and much speed.


Weather Station

Weather Station works as a true weather forecast station as the name itself suggests. It has all the useful features you need and you can expect. So, how reliable the station is? Well, the answer is pretty much clear! You’ll be mesmerized by the features for sure. Let’s see what it has inside. It’s a fully responsive, changeable country and city option, clean and lightweight, colorful, CSS, and much more.


Weather Atlas Widget

Another eye-catchy weather widget from the maker of Weather Station. Weather Atlas has a very wide but yet very clear view of the weather update. The most useful part of this plugin is visibility. It will surely attract your audience whenever they come to your site. So, let’s talk about the features. Responsive web design adapts to mobile displays, easily styles to suit your theme, current conditions, hourly and long-term forecast, users’ ability to set preferred weather location, multiple widgets option, multi-languages and units, and much more.


Weather Layer

Want to see a layer lookalike weather update on your site or blog? The weather layer can be the perfect choice for anyone who wants to show the weather updates in a layer palette. The widget will show the latest weather update for your desired city. It has a handful amount of features inside. Let’s take a look. It comes with responsive design, has country and city change options, has a wide range of user-friendly work fields, and much more.


Easy Weather Widget

As its name suggests, Easy Weather Widget is truly mind-blowing for its “easy” user interface. It has everything you need and nothing more and nothing less than that. All you need is to enter the ZIP code in it and start using it. The plugin is really worthy enough to be a part of your site. The plugin is truly clean and lightweight, has mind blowing options, a user-friendly interface, eye-catchy color, and much more.


Weather Master

This plugin is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress weather widget plugins to date. The widget will show you the map and will tell you the weather updates of your desired place. This is truly a masterclass feature for you. Compatible with any WordPress theme and flexible to use. Other features of this plugin are: Display, hide or change any widget title, mobile responsive, easy and fast WordPress deployment, real-time weather forecasts, mobile responsive, easy and fast WordPress deployment, wind speed, temperature, and much more things to offer.


WP Forecast

For the perfect weather update experience, WP forecast can be an ideal option for anyone. WP Forecast has all the important features you want. So, let take a look at the list of all the prime features this plugin has. it displays the weather data from and or, supports WordPress widgets, easy placement, customize the information you want to show, comes with an API for WordPress pros, comes with a checklist to validate your connection settings, and much more.


WP Open Weather

Another weather widget plugin you don’t want to miss. The plugin comes with a clean look and flexible user-friendly features. The features are really cool and tend to make your site look much cooler. Some top features are current weather and forecast widgets for sidebars, shortcode for the page, weather forecast provided by FREE OpenWeatherMap API, city name with Google Map, a widget with 2 templates, shortcode with 2 templates, font-based weather icons, and more.


WP Cloudy

Cloudy is one hell of a flexible and user-friendly weather plugin for any WordPress site. The true nature of this plugin is its cleanliness and amazing color textures. It’s a highly considerable plugin for you. You’ll appreciate all the features it has. Let’s see. It has forecast precipitations, support language packs, import/export settings, 200 000 cities, 5-days forecast, unlimited weathers, open weather map API,  weather map with layers, and more.


Final Words

So, these are a few amazing and the best WordPress weather widget plugin for your site. However, there are so many other plugins available. You can choose any one of those or you can get one right here in this thread. The sole purpose of this article is to let the reader know about the weather widget plugin. Hopefully, the article was helpful enough. You can share your thoughts with us and you can also share this article with your friends.

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