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WordCamp Sylhet 2024: ShapedPlugin is Super Admin

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Howdy, WordPress enthusiasts from South Asia! Heard the big news? WordCamp Sylhet 2024 is happening this May. This one of the biggest WordPress events is going to be organized in Sylhet, Bangladesh. It’s a small, beautiful South Asian country. You might know this country for the longest natural beach in the world, cricket, and many scenic spots. We, ShapedPlugin, are super excited to be Super Admin of WordCamp Sylhet 2024. 

ShapedPlugin also was a platinum sponsor of WordCamp Sylhet 2023 and joined along with the entire team. We shared our experience in WordCamp Sylhet 2023 Recap. 

When and where is this grand event going to take place?

This mega WordPress event has been scheduled to take place on May 10 – 11, 2024. The venue is the central auditorium of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, located in Sylhet, Bangladesh’s green and mountain city. This picturesque city is often referred to as the country’s tea capital. 

WordCamp Sylhet 2024 venue

The venue is only 30 minutes’ driving distance (10k) from Osmani International Airport. The best thing about the venue is that the university has a large, evergreen campus of 320 acres. So, you will enjoy taking a walk through the green, smelling flowers, and listening to the sweet songs of birds during session intervals and after the end. 

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Organizers of WordCamp Sylhet 2024 

After the first WordCamp in Sylhet last year, WordPress enthusiasts from Bangladesh and neighbors were looking forward to the next WordCamp in Bangladesh. Finally, the Sylhet WordPress community led by Shahjahan Jewel & Syed Rezwanul Haque is going to make it happen again. 

The organizer team and volunteers are working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure everything goes as you expect. We, ShapedPlugin, are really proud to be a Super Admin sponsor and help them make this WordCamp more enjoyable and impactful. 

The ShapedPlugin team can’t wait to enjoy WordCamp Sylhet 2023 in the tea capital city with cups of fresh green tea. 

ShapedPlugin is a Super Admin sponsor of WordCamp Sylhet 2024

sponsors of WordCamp Sylhet 2024

We, ShapedPlugin, are super excited to be a Super Admin sponsor of WordCamp Sylhet 2024 and help the organizers put on a glorious WordPress event. You might know ShapedPlugin’s popular plugins:

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As a dedicated WordPress plugin company, ShapedPlugin has always loved contributing to the WordPress community. In addition to ShapedPlugin, authLab, WPBeginner, WooCommerce, Automattic, GoDaddy, Bluehost, and more local and global giants sponsor this grand event. Similarly, we expect we will be next to these giants in the future as well. 

We hope you will also come ahead and sponsor the WordCamp to help the organizers and WordPress community. 

Do you want to sponsor WordCamp Sylhet 2024? There are a few slots available. Grab your slot before it ends.     

We look forward to meeting you at our ShapedPlugin booth 

ShapedPlugin booth at WordCamp Sylhet

The ShapedPlugin team is waiting for this grand event and looking forward to meeting you at our ShapedPlugin booth. We would be so happy to catch up with you. Also, we have some surprises for you. We are excited to offer you some awesome fun games and exclusive swags. We will unveil them when you visit our booth. Besides that, we hope to get to know each other, engage in enjoyable discussions about WordPress, and exchange experiences and ideas. 

Meet 1000+ diverse WordPress enthusiasts 

WordCamp Sylhet 2024 is the second WordCamp in Sylhet and the third WordCamp in Bangladesh. Last year, there was a huge gathering at the first WordCamp Sylhet. It will also be a massive gathering of WordPress enthusiasts from South Asia and beyond. Like others, this WordCamp will gather people from all walks of WordPress—from casual users to core developers and successful entrepreneurs. 

So, it will be a golden opportunity to meet more than 1,000 diverse WordPress enthusiasts—users, designers, developers, marketers, writers, creative thinkers, and entrepreneurs. 

Listen to versed speakers and broaden your knowledge 

Listen to the WordCamp speakers

At WordCamp Sylhet 2024, many prominent WordPress experts will deliver informative speeches and share experiences. Don’t miss the session or the panel discussions. Each session typically spans no more than 15 minutes but is packed with Invaluable information. On the other hand, the panel discussions are long discussions by a group of experts who will share their real experiences and provide in-depth analysis. Consequently, the session and panel discussion will greatly help you gather knowledge from a diverse range of speakers. So, be sure to listen attentively, take notes, and leverage the valuable insights shared to revamp your WordPress strategies and elevate your endeavors to new heights. 

The speakers will deliver speeches on many things about WordPress, including the following.  

  • Accessibility
  • Business
  • Careers
  • Design
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Writing 
  • Community 

Speakers at WordCamp Sylhet 2024

You will have a handful of versed speakers from different walks of WordPress who will deliver informative and insightful speeches that you will enjoy a lot. Some of the speakers at WordCamp Sylhet 2024 are: 

The speaker list is yet to be published. 

Do you want to deliver a speech at WordCamp Sylhet? Define a topic, create sliders, write a summary, and submit to have a great chance to join WordCamp Sylhet as a speaker

Ask experts to get insights

The WordCamp sessions are incredibly engaging. At the end of many sessions, you can ask more specific questions regarding the topic discussed at a session to get more insights. 

Ask questions at WordCamp Sylhet

Also, you may have some questions regarding what is not discussed at any session. In that case, you can reach out to an expert and find a suitable time to ask the question and get the solution. 

Golden opportunity to expand your professional network

Networking at Sylhet WordCamp

WordCamp Sylhet 2024 will be a significant gathering of WordPress enthusiasts. You are going to meet 1000+ WordPressians. So, it’s a golden chance to connect with many professionals and expand your network. 

Most importantly, WordCamps do not discriminate. WordPress users, developers, designers, marketers, writers, and other enthusiasts all are very friendly at a WordCamp, regardless of their experience level. 

So, being a bit extrovert, folksy, and friendly at WordCamp Sylhet 2023 helps you make the most of the networking attempt. 

What more to expect from WordCamp Sylhet 2024?

In addition to the things we’ve mentioned above, you can expect many more. Most interestingly, you will love fun games and exclusive swags from global and local WordPress companies like Automattic, WooCommerce, WP Beginner, ShapedPlugin, authLab, and more. You will also enjoy the buffet lunch with many items from the rich local cuisines.    

We almost forgot to tell you about the most obvious part of WordCamps: they’re huge fun! You’ll meet some WordPress guys who are also crazy intelligent, affable, insanely motivated & motivating, and maybe even a handful of talented singers and witty comedians. So, WordCamp Sylhet 2024 is going to be great fun too.  

Don’t want to miss these great things? 

How to attend WordCamp Sylhet 2024? 

wordcamp sylhet tickets

To attend, you must buy a WordCamp Sylhet 2024 ticket. The first-round tickets have already been sold out. The second and last-round dates will be announced soon. Generally, all the tickets of a round are sold out in less than 5 minutes. So, keep your eyes on the official site of WordCamp Sylhet 2024 or our Facebook page to get updates on time about registration openings, speaker reveals, and workshop details.

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