How to create a WordPress logo carousel

How to Create a WordPress Logo Carousel

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Looking for a complete guideline and step by step instruction of creating a WordPress logo carousel on your WordPress website? If you are thinking so, you have landed in the right place. Today, I am going to share step by step instructions to create a WordPress logo carousel. 

Logo Carousel is one of the best and easiest ways to represent your clients or customer’s logos in front of your visitors. As a result, it helps to increase the faith of your business, consequently, the popularity of your business is also increased. 

Logo Carousels in action

So, you can’t avoid the importance of using a logo carousel on your WordPress website. In this case, you have to follow the easiest way so that you can easily create a WordPress logo carousel for your own website. 

Today, I will share the step by step instructions to you, so that you can easily create a complete WordPress logo carousel for your own WordPress website. You will be glad to know that you don’t need to have any coding knowledge or previous experience. I will start finish from scratch with comprehensive, complete guidance.  

As I have already mentioned that I will guide step by step to create a logo carousel, I have divided the whole article into several steps. You can see all the steps at a time. Today, we are going to adopt the following steps to create a WordPress logo carousel- 

If you want to create a WordPress logo carousel for your website without any coding knowledge, you have to choose the best WordPress plugin for this purpose. A WordPress logo carousel plugin can satisfy your needs easily without any hazard. 

But one thing you should remember that the selected plugin should be updated with the latest web technologies. Nowadays there are a huge number of similar plugins available in the online market place. So, it is a bit difficult to find out the best plugin. But don’t worry about it. Because I have done this complex task for you and selected one of the best WordPress logo carousel plugins for you. 

Logo Carousel is one of the best WordPress logo carousel plugins that is super-fast, light-weight and updated with the latest web technologies. This plugin helps you to create the best logo slider and client logo gallery on your WordPress website. 

Logo Carousel WordPress plugin is a super-fast, handy carousel plugin that is highly customizable with a huge number of setting options and styles. Besides, it provides different layouts for client logos presentation. In short, I just want to say that the Logo Carousel is the best selection ever to create a WordPress logo carousel. 

Logo Carousel is open-source. You can use it freely to create a WordPress logo carousel for your own website. So, to use this plugin, at first, you have to install and active the plugin. The installation and activation of the logo carousel plugin are the same as other plugins. 

So, I think, you are familiar with the installation and activation of any WordPress plugin. However, if you have any confusion and need to follow a bit of instruction on installation and activation, I recommend following this Installation and Activation instruction to be more clear about it. 

I hope you have successfully installed and activated the Logo Carousel plugin. Now it is time to add a single logo. 

Once you installed and activated the plugin, you will see Logo Carousel in the WordPress admin dashboard. 

Firstly, go to the Logo Carousel menu and click on Add New. Once you click on Add New option, you will see the following screen with a number of input fields. 

Now give a title of the logo and set logo with all necessary information like description, caption, etc. Finally, click on the Publish button to publish the logo.

This the procedure of adding a single logo. You can add the logos as many you need following the same procedure and when you click on All Logos menu, you can see all the logos that you have added. 

Once you have added all the logos that you need, now it is time to generate a shortcode to create a logo carousel. So, you have to click on the Shortcode Generator menu.

Now click on Add New to create a shortcode for a new logo carousel. Once you click on the Add New button, you will find the following screen with a number of setting options for the carousel. 

General Settings
Carousel Controls
Carousel Controls

So, now fill out the necessary setting options following the steps one by one. 

  • Type a Shortcode Title used as Logo Showcase Section Title (optional).
  • You can Customize the Shortcode Generator Setting Tabs as you want. Every carousel type has its settings.
  • Select a Layout Preset for your logo showcase.

Finally, publish the carousel. Once you publish the carousel, you are completely ready to display the carousel. 

Generated Shortcode

As we have successfully created our first logo carousel, now we are completely ready to display the logo carousel. 

You will find a shortcode at the top, now you just need to copy the shortcode and paste the shortcode anywhere you want like on the page, post or anywhere.  

Shortcode on the Page (Gutenberg Editor)
Shortcode on the Page (Gutenberg Editor)
Shortcode on Classic Editor
Shortcode on Classic Editor

I have pasted the shortcode and found the following result. 

Let’s watch the video how it works

Download / More Info  Live Demo

Exploring more amazing Features and Styles 

I hope you have already found that there are a number of limitations in the Logo Carousel freemium version. Only one layout is available in the freemium version where four more layouts are included in the premium version. 

Besides, there are a huge number of settings and options that are only available in the premium version. If you are annoyed with these limitations and break down the all limitations, I recommend buying its Premium version called Logo Carousel Pro.

So, let take a look at the exciting cool features that are impressive and mind-blowing. 

5 Logo Layouts

The Logo Carousel Pro offers 5 Logo Layouts to display the client logos. These layouts are Carousel, Grid, Filter, List, Inline. 

These different layouts provide different looks and feel. You can easily display your client logos with different styles. 

If you select the Grid 100+ Possible Theme Stylesayout, you will find another style for logos. I have selected the grid layout and pasted the shortcode. Finally, I have got the following result in the grid view. 

Grid Layout

Similarly, I have changed the layout and selected the Filter layout for the logos. Consequently, I have got the following result. 

Filter Layout

Again, if you want to see a different look, similarly change the layout. Another awesome and professional-looking layout is the inline layout. I have selected the inline layout and got the following result-

Inline Layout
List Layout
Multi-Row Carousel

So, you can see that in the premium version, you have unlimited ways to display your customer or client logos on your website. I hope you will never miss this chance. 

100+ Possible Theme Styles

The Logo Carousel Pro offers 100+ possible theme styles. You can build a custom eye-catching style with the available settings and options. All styles are professional and super-cool. You will be impressed by each theme style. 

Logo Showcase with title and description with Popup

840+ Google Fonts

Break down all limitations related to typography. The Logo Carousel Pro is a highly customizable WordPress Logo Carousel plugin. You can customize any property of typography like font size, font family, font variations, etc. About 840+ google fonts are available to select for each element of the logo carousel. 

Advanced Typography

200+ Advanced Styling and Layout Customization

I have already mentioned to you that the Logo Carousel is highly customizable. It contains unlimited styling and layout customization options. Unlimited color and stylings are available for each logo carousel. 

Specific Logo Showcase

It is one of the best and effective processes to display some specific logos only on your website. The premium version has the flexibility to filter the logos and display them. You can easily display group (category) and specific logo showcase. 

Internal and External Logo links

Now you can easily link each client logo. Internal and external links are now available for each logo. You can add any specific link to any logo. Besides, you have the flexibility to disable the link for a particular logo.

Logo linking

Category wise Logo Filtering

You can display your clients’ logos based on different categories. You can easily filter them and display them. 

Logo Effects

Different hover effects are also available for each logo. You can set GrayScale, Zoom In, Zoom out, Blur, Opacity, etc hover effects on each logo. It will give an extra-professional look and feel. 

Carousel Mode

If you choose carousel mode for the presentation of your logo, you have 3 different modes to display them on your website. You can choose Standard, Ticker, and Center carousel mode what you want. As a result, the carousel will be more eye-catching. 

Center Mode Carousel

Vertical and Horizontal Direction – the carousel offers both horizontal and vertical directions flexibility to slide. Consequently, you can choose any direction of sliding what you like. 

Logo Detail Popup

It is a super-cool feature included in the premium version that each logo can contain its details. So, when users click on the logo, the detail popup page will be opened in front of the users. 

Logo Detail Popup

Logo Resizing – you have the flexibility to resize any logo and set custom width and height for the logo. You can easily resize your logos as per your needs. 

Carousel Controls

Each logo carousel contains a number of necessary controls. As a result, you can easily customize the carousel as per your needs and make it more professional and outstanding. All essential controls like autoplay, speed, infinite loop, etc are included. 

Carousel Controls


Logo Carousel is completely compatible with any theme and plugin. It also supports all modern browsers and compatible with different page builders like WPBakery, Elementor, Divi builder, etc. 

Fast and Friendly Support – A dedicated support team is available 24 hours to assist you. You will get fast and friendly support.

Get it Now  Live Demo


At the end of this article, I just want to say that the Logo Carousel is a complete solution for creating a logo carousel on WordPress Website easily.

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