Boost your WooCommerce Store Sales with WooCommerce Product Slider

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No doubt that it is time to boost your WooCommerce store to get more sales. If you are looking for one of the best, effective and easiest secret ways to boost your WooCommerce store to increase the conversation rate and finally get more sales, a WooCommerce product slider must be a great choice ever. 

Nowadays, online business is growing fast. As a result, it is the best way to sell your business online. But to make your business successful, you have to adopt some tricks. In this case, the WooCommerce product slider helps to run a successful online business with great sales. In this modern time, most of the successful and popular online stores are following this trick for their online business.  

Importance of WooCommerce Product Slider

A WooCommerce product slider allows you to showcase the WooCommerce products in a sliding manner. In addition, you can filter different types of products and showcase some specific products as per your wish. Consequently, you can easily highlight your trending or most popular or the best selling products in front of your customers. In addition, you can showcase them anywhere you want. As a result, you can easily draw the attention of your customers. Consequently, it increases the conversation rate and finally you will get more sales. 

As the WooCommerce product slider displays the products in a sliding manner, the customers can easily navigate the products and take an overview of each sliding product. As a result, you get a concept of all highlighted products. Consequently, it helps them to make your decision fast. 

So, no doubt that a WooCommerce product slider plays an important role to boost WooCommerce stores to get more conversation rates and sales. 

How to Create a WooCommerce Product Slider

I hope you have already understood the importance of using the WooCommerce product slider. Therefore, if you are willing to use the product slider for your own online store, the major question in your mind is the process of creating a WooCommerce product slider. In this case, the best and easiest way to create the product slider is to use any product slider building WordPress plugin. 

There are a number of WooCommerce product slider plugins available online. But I want to recommend the best one for your business. Because you must use a well-coded, updated, and optimized plugin, otherwise, it may slow down, even sometimes can break down your own website. 

Considering all of these facts, I have done research on different WooCommerce product slider making plugins and found the best one. I recommend using Product Slider Pro for WooCommerce, I have found it as one of the best product slider building plugins with unlimited settings options and styling. It includes a lot of impressive and mind-blowing features. 

WooCommerce Product Slider Pro Review

Product Slider for WooCommerce
Product Slider for WooCommerce

Product Slider Pro for WooCommerce is an amazing product slider to slide your products in a tidy and professional way. It allows you to create easily attractive product carousel sliders on your website and increase your sales. In addition, you can display product sliders in pages, posts, custom templates, and even sidebar or widget as well as anywhere you want. It comes with a built-in advanced Shortcode Generator to easily control the look and function of the product slider. 

Now, I want to focus on the key features of the Product Slider Pro plugin that impressed me to love this plugin for my own business. 

Unlimited Advanced Shortcode Generator

The plugin includes a smart advanced shortcode generator. As a result, you can create unlimited product sliders with different criteria like trending products, latest products, best selling products, etc, and showcase them in different locations. This shortcode generator automatically generates a smart shortcode and you can copy and paste the shortcode anywhere you need. 

4 Different Layouts

4 different slide layouts such as Slider, Grid, Masonry, and Table are available in this plugin. As a result, you can showcase your products in different attractive ways in front of your customers. In addition, it adds different looks and feels. It is really impressive and outstanding. Let me explain their different output. 

Slider Layout

Slider layout is the default showcase style for products. It allows displaying the products in a sliding manner so that the customers can easily navigate the products one by one. However, if you like this layout and try to make your own slider, it will look something like the following example. 

Product Grid Layout

Grid layout is another great layout to showcase WooCommerce products. This layout allows you to showcase the product in a grid style. In addition, it also adds a load more button to load more products. So, it is a really great professional-looking feature. However, if you like this layout for your products, its output will look like the following one- 

30+ Pre-designed Themes

You don’t need to be a programmer or coder, even if you don’t need to have any coding knowledge, you can make a professional theme for your product slider. Because the plugin includes 30+ professionally pre-designed themes. As a result, you can build a professional product slider within a short time with a simple effort. For example, the following one is done with the pre-designed theme ( Ticker Carousel ). 

Advanced Typography options

Typography adds additional beauty to the sliders. For this reason, this plugin includes advanced typography options with 840+ Google fonts with different variations like font size, font weight, font style, etc. 

Filter Products

No doubt it is a great feature that you can filter your products and showcase specific products. Consequently, you can highlight the products based on the customer’s demand. As a result, it will attract customers more and generate more sales. 

However, you can filter your products by different criteria like Featured, Categories, Tags, Specific Products, On Sale, Latest or Recent, Best Selling or Popular, Upsells, Cross-sells, Related Products, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Recently Viewed, Free Products, etc. 

In addition, you can also filter your product by different product types like Simple Product, Grouped Product, External or Affiliate Product, Variable product, etc. So, you can easily highlight specific product types. 

Product Image Options

Customers are attracted by the special presentation of product images. So, considering this, there are a number of options for product image. You have full control over the product image. Therefore, you can show or hide the product image as per your wish. In addition, you can also set a default placeholder image for products. 

Moreover, it also allows you to set product image border, size(width), and hover color. In addition, you can also set an image hover effect like mouse overlay. If you create a slider with mouse overlay, it may look like the following result-

If you think that you are satisfied with these, I will say that it is not finished yet. The plugin also includes the product image flip option, grayscale effect, image cropping and custom size generating, and lightbox functionality. 

Multiple Row Product Slider

If you are bored with the single row product slider, this feature can be a reason for your full satisfaction. Because it allows you to create multiple rows for your products. However, you can simply call it a multi-row slider. Really, it is interesting and mind-blowing. 

Ajax Pagination

Different types of ajax paginations are available in this plugin. You can choose anyone from these three different ajax paginations like Ajax number pagination, Load more button (ajax), Load more, or infinite on scroll (ajax). In addition, there is normal pagination excluding ajax. So, you can also use it. 

Slider Controls

You can customize the different controls for the product slider. The plugin provides a complete set of different slider controls like AutoPlay on/off, Slide speed control, Stop on hover option, infinite loop, etc. Therefore, you have the full right to customize any value of these controls as per your need. 

Slider Navigation Options

To customize the slider navigation, this plugin includes different options. 8+ different navigation positions and 7 different style navigation arrows are available in this plugin. Consequently, it provides a high-level of customization flexibility to the slider navigation. 

In addition, you change the color, border, background, or anything related to navigation. You can also only use navigation or dots pagination or both of them at a time. 

Multisite Supported

The plugin is completely ready for multisite. So, you can easily use it for multisite. 

Optimize and Responsive 

This plugin is light-weight slick and fully optimized. It will never slow down or break down your website at all. In addition, it provides a fully responsive product slider. So, you don’t need to be worried about different devices. You will also be glad to know that each slider is SEO friendly.

Compatibility and Translation

The plugin is highly compatible. It is compatible with any theme and plugin. In addition, it supports all modern browsers. Any type of page builder like Elementor, WPBakery, Divi Builder, etc is supported. However, its translation is completely ready. So, you can easily translate into different languages.

Fast and Friendly Dedicated Support

A dedicated support team is always available to assist you with any query. Their support system is super fast and so friendly. You will get a quick response to any query. 

No doubt that Product Slider Pro is a great tool for creating different types of professional-looking WooCommerce product sliders. It offers a one-time payment with lifetime support and updates. So, it is really economic.

However, I have tried my best to focus on the key features. In addition, there are a hundred or more features included in this plugin. Finally, I want to strongly recommend this plugin for boosting your WooCommerce store sales.  

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