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10 Best Free WordPress Post Grid Plugins in 2024

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Searching for the best free WordPress post grid plugins to add a beautiful posts grid to your WordPress website?

If yes, you land at the right place!

Displaying your latest blog posts in a grid layout is a great way to keep visitors engaged, but doing it right can be time-consuming and difficult.

Here post grid plugins come into the game. Post grid plugins help to create beautiful post grids in minutes without coding. It also helps to make unique styles for the post grid.

However, there are many post grid plugins out there. And it is not an easy task to choose the right post grid plugin.

That’s why I made a list of the best free WordPress post grid plugins. These plugins are easy to use, SEO friendly, responsive, fast, reliable, customizable, and free.  

So, let’s find out which post grid plugin is best suitable for your site from this list of 10 best free WordPress post grid plugins.

10 best free WordPress post grid plugins

Here are the 10 best free WordPress post grid plugins. Let’s find out which post grid plugin is perfect for your website without wasting time.

1. Smart Post Show

Smart Post Show

Here is the winner of the race of best free WordPress post grid plugins, and it is Smart Post Show. It is an excellent plugin for displaying content on your WordPress website. It helps display posts, pages, taxonomy, and custom post types in grid and carousel layout. Also, you can display targeted posts through filtering.

Regarding user-friendliness, no post grid plugin can win over Smart Post Show. This plugin offers easy to use user interface. Anyone can create beautiful post grids through this plugin without a single line of coding.

This plugin offers great room for customization. You can customize post grids to make them more beautiful. Thanks to its smart settings, which are easy to configure. And its settings are well organized and have clear descriptions.

The Smart Post Show is fully responsive and SEO friendly. It allows setting the number of slides per device such as desktop, mobile, laptop, etc.

Thanks to its best WordPress coding standard, this plugin works speedily with every kind of site. It won’t slow down your website.

It integrates smoothly with different themes, plugins, and page builders. Also, it works seamlessly with page builders like Elementor, Divi, WPBakery, ThemeFusion, Beaver Builder, Site Origin, etc.

Smart Post Show could be the best option if you are searching for a complete post grid plugin.

Key features

  • Beginner-friendly
  • No coding skill required
  • Fully responsive and SEO friendly
  • Easily customizable
  • Works speedily with every site
  • Seamlessly works with every theme, plugin, and page builder
  • Support multiple languages


Smart Post Show’s light version is free. Its Pro version starts at $39/yearly.

2. PostX


PostX is the runner-up of this list of best free post grid plugins for WordPress. Unlike other dedicated post grid plugins, it is an advanced block-building plugin. It features 19 beautiful blocks, which include seven post grid blocks. Apart from grid blocks, it also features a post list block, posts module, image block, header block, etc.

You can use seven post grid blocks to design your home page. These grid blocks allow displaying blog posts in grid layouts and different styles. For example, the first grid block helps to display blog posts in a grid layout containing featured images.

The second grid block helps to show blog posts in a grid layout with the gradient design.

Furthermore, you can use these post grid blocks to display posts in a grid layout with big featured images, tiles, and grid mixing designs.

This plugin features AJAX filters. It helps to filter posts through categories and tags. Therefore, your site’s visitors can explore more posts without reloading posts. Also, it helps to show your site’s targeted posts to targeted visitors.

The AJAX pagination feature is similar to the AJAX filter. It helps to explore posts without reloading the whole page. AJAX pagination includes Load More, Navigation, and Numeric pagination.

This plugin understands this better than anyone else when it comes to sorting posts. It comes with the advanced query builder. It helps to sort out posts using different criteria. And the best thing is it comes with all sorting criteria.

PostX integrates with page builders and themes seamlessly. Thanks to its clean coding. You can use this plugin with your existing page builder and themes. Also, this plugin doesn’t conflict with other plugins.

This plugin is excellent for building magazine sites, news sites, personal blogs, reviews websites, recipe blogs, fashion websites, viral news sites, etc. Also, you can build any posts-based website.

Key features

  • Seven beautiful posts blocks 
  • Blocks for posts slider
  • Advanced readymade blog designs
  • Post grid with ultimate controls
  • Features AJAX navigation
  • Advanced AJAX filtering
  • SEO friendly
  • Integrates with themes and page guilders seamlessly


It is a free plugin. It has a pro version which starts at $41/year.  

3. Content Views

Content Views

Content Views is an easy-to-use and powerful post grid plugin.

The main aim of this plugin is to create post grids with ease. This plugin also helps to filter posts. You can display recent posts, category posts, specific posts, author’s posts, and tags’ posts with a few clicks.

No coding skill is required, you can start using this plugin right after installing it. Its settings are friendly, organized, and have clear descriptions.

Content Views is a fully responsive plugin. Thus, your posts grid will always look beautiful on mobile, desktop, laptop, and tab. Also, you can use settings to set columns per device.

When it comes to SEO friendliness, Content Views is fully SEO friendly. Plus, it is optimized for speed. Hence, your website won’t slow down. Ultimately, it will help rank your grid posts higher on search engines.

This plugin comes with advanced filtering features. You can filter pages by categories, tags, authors, keywords, etc. In addition, you can display pages by keywords. Furthermore, you can display pages of the parent page.

Content Views is the best option for people looking for easy-to-use, simple, and dedicated post grid plugins.

Key features

  • Easy to use; you can create beautiful posts grids in simple steps
  • Fully responsive
  • SEO friendly and fast
  • Easily display posts grid in widgets, pages, and theme template using shortcode
  • Set a limit on the number of posts in the grid
  • Display child pages of a parent page
  • Shows features images of posts in the grid gallery
  • Customizable through settings


Content Views is a free post grid plugin. Its Pro version starts at $39/year for a single site.

4. Post Grid

Post Grid

Post Grid is a dedicated post grid plugin from Pickplugins. You can create beautiful grids for posts, products, portfolios, team members, galleries, category posts, tags posts, archive posts, custom posts, etc.

Moreover, with basic CSS knowledge, you can create a unique style for your grid through the layout editor.

Post Grid is a responsive plugin. It works great on almost every device. Also, you can set some options based on devices. For example, you can set the number of columns for mobile or tablet.

When it comes to displaying posts, there is no limit. Thanks to Post Grid for supporting every custom post. You can display any custom posts in the grid. Also, you can display multiple post types in a grid.

Create an unlimited grid. You can create as many grids as you want. There is no limitation on creating post grids.

As far as customization is concerned, Post Grid offers advanced customization. Post grid items based on skin and layout. Hence, you can customize layout elements and change skin. Moreover, If you have basic CSS knowledge, you can apply your unique style.

Post Grid is the ideal plugin to apply your custom design to the grid layout. Also, it will work for people with zero coding knowledge. So, it is an excellent post grid plugin for ordinary and advanced users.       

Key features

  • Posts grids are responsive and work with every device
  • Support unlimited grids
  • Support any kind of custom posts
  • Support pagination
  • Advanced customization features
  • Set custom size for featured image
  • Offers masonry-style grid
  • Change grid item’s background-color


Post Grid’s primary version is free. However, it has a Pro version which starts at 21/yearly.

5. Display Posts

Display Posts

Display Posts is one of the most popular free post grid plugins. It helps to display posts from your entire website in lists and grids. You can start displaying posts on pages or wherever you want using shortcode. This plugin is beginner-friendly.

You can create a column-based post grid with a few clicks. Moreover, you can customize the post grid’s style. There is no limit on creating grids.

Apart from the grid, you can display posts as lists. In this case, you can show your popular posts as lists. You can sort posts by most comments or social shares.

Display Posts plugin allows you to control posts displaying information. You can display post excerpts and images. Also, you can set the post’s image size; thumbnail, medium, large, etc.

When it comes to sorting posts, you can sort posts by menu order, title, relevance, content type, metadata, etc. However, by default, it shows the newest post first. Therefore, you can display targeted posts in front of your users.

Display Posts plugin also allows displaying your upcoming event from calendars. You can show your upcoming events in lists or grids from the calendar. However, you may need to use different codes for different calendars.

Display Posts is the best option If you want a free, simple, easy-to-use, and customizable plugin. Considering its features, Display Posts is one of the best free post grid plugins available on the market.                    

Key features

  • You can control displaying information for each post
  • You can display posts from categories
  • Sort posts by date or month, or year
  • List popular contents
  • Style grid layout
  • It doesn’t conflict with other plugins
  • Work smoothly with every device


Display Posts is free.

6. WP Ultimate Post Grid

WP Ultimate Post Grid

WP Ultimate Post Grid is a simple, responsive, and mobile-friendly plugin. It helps to add posts in grids, lists, isotopes, and carousel slider layouts. You can generate post grids quickly and display them on pages using shortcode. And the best thing is there is no need for coding.

This plugin is fully responsive. Thus, it will work smoothly on every device. It allows setting the number of columns for particular devices. Moreover, it is fast and SEO friendly. As a result, it will show higher on the search engine results.

It has multiple prebuilt layouts. You can use these just after installing the plugin. Moreover, you can use any layout easily using a shortcode generator.

You can add a grid and filter anywhere using their shortcodes. It is an excellent feature from WP Ultimate Post Grid. This feature makes this plugin stand out among its competitors.   

WP Ultimate Post Grid is compatible with WordPress classic editor and Gutenberg block editor. So, you can use the editor you like most. 

It offers multiple templates for grids. Moreover, you can edit these templates using the template editor. Thus, you can redesign any grid you want.

When it comes to linking, you can link to the featured image or actual post. Also, you can define custom links for posts. Moreover, you can deep-linking directly to a filtered grid.       

Key features

  • Live preview as you build a grid
  • You can use posts, pages, and custom pages as the source
  • Grids are fully responsive and work great with every device
  • It allows adding isotope filters for custom fields or any taxonomy
  • It comes with the pagination feature
  • Compatible with Classic editor and Gutenberg block editor
  • Template editor helps to edit grid templates extensively


It is free. Its Pro version starts at $39/yearly.

7. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is not a dedicated post grid plugin. But it comes with a post grid block, which helps to create post grids easily. The main aim of this plugin is to help marketers and bloggers to create engaging content for their readers. This plugin offers greater room for customization. You can do much more with this plugin than creating post grids.

Ultimate blocks feature grid blocks that help create grid posts easily. You can add unlimited grid layouts. Also, you can add unlimited posts to the grid layout. Grid block’s advanced features help you to build great-looking grid layouts.

This plugin is super fast. Thanks to its clean code. Also, it is SEO friendly. Hence, your website will rank higher on the search engines.

When it comes to responsiveness, Ultimate Blocks works perfectly with every device.

Regarding post types, Ultimate Blocks supports pages, posts, and custom posts. You can display multiple types of posts in a single grid.

It supports taxonomy and terms for query posts. Thus, it helps to add multiple terms for query posts.

As far as pagination is concerned, Ultimate Blocks supports pagination. You can select the number of posts per page. Users have to navigate previous and next pages to access all pages. Also, you can change the icon of pagination.

Ultimate Blocks provide wider room for customization. Thanks to its post grid’s skin and layout-based elements. You can use your CSS knowledge to customize layout elements, change skin, and create unique designs.  

Key features

  • Block manager for enabling and disabling individual blocks
  • Code optimized for speed
  • SEO friendly and responsive
  • Features content filter
  • It comes with the pagination feature
  • Grid block’s layout and skin are customizable
  • Allows to create of unlimited grids   


Ultimate Blocks is a free plugin.

8. Post Grid and Filter Ultimate

Post Grid and Filter Ultimate

Here is another dedicated post grid plugin, Post Grid and Filter Ultimate. It provides two types of post grids, such as post grid and filter post grid. Both grids have 10 ready designs. It works with the latest WordPress version. In addition, it integrates with the Popular WordPress themes and page builders seamlessly.

Unlike other post grid plugins, Post Grid and Filter Ultimate come with two grid layouts. The first grid layout is a regular grid, and another one is a grid layout with the post filter capability. The post grid filter helps to display dedicated posts.

The Post Grid and Filter Ultimate allow displaying grid posts on pages, sidebar widgets, and themes files. Thus, you can use the grid posts where your users engage most.

You can sort posts through posts’ ID, Date, and Title when it comes to sorting. It is a great feature that boosts user experience. In addition, you can set a limit on the number of posts to display.

Regarding pagination, this plugin offers two types of pagination. You can enable or disable pagination.

This plugin is fully responsive and works perfectly with most devices. It also helps to boost user experience across all devices.

What’s more, this plugin is 100% multilingual. You can set your preferred language. It makes this plugin stand out among its competitors.

Key features

  • Add posts grid using shortcode or blocks
  • Customizing the grid is super easy
  • Features two types of pagination
  • 100% multilingual
  • Works greatly with every device
  • It comes with posts limitation on the grid
  • Supports any size featured image


Post Grid and Filter Ultimate has a free version. In addition, it offers a  Pro version with lots of features. The Pro version starts at $99.

9. Display Posts Types

Display Posts Types

Display Posts Types is simple and easy-to-use post grid plugin. It helps to display posts in the grid, list, and slider. You can fetch, sort, and display any content through the widget or block. Also, you can create beautiful and responsive grids, sliders, and lists of your content.

This plugin comes with single blocks. This block offers adding posts grid, lists, and slider. Also, it provides various options for customization.

Display Posts Types is fast and doesn’t slow down the website. Hence, your website loading speed won’t affect by this plugin.

Regarding content filtering, Display Posts Types allows posts and pages to be filtered using its advanced filter features. Also, you can sort your selections.

It allows you to choose types of content while creating the grid. You can select your desired content types from available options. 

As far as responsiveness is concerned, Display Posts Types works perfectly with most devices.

So, if you are looking for simple, easy-to-use, and 100 free post-grid plugins, you won’t go wrong with this plugin. 

Key features

  • The advanced filtering option allows filtering any page, post, or posts types
  • Options for choosing available content types
  • Beginner-friendly
  • No codding is required for customization
  • Live previews as you make changes
  • Offers various customization options
  • No coding skills required


Display Posts Types is a 100% free plugin.

10. Post Grid Elementor Addon

Post Grid Elementor Addon

Finally, the last plugin on this list of best free WordPress post grid plugins is Post Grid Elementor Addon. This post grid addon is from Elementor. It offers a post grid block for creating grids from your posts. It provides various features with the grid block. And the best thing is you can customize the grid without touching a single line of code.

Regarding posts grid block, you got multiple layouts. Plus, it offers several features for every block. Moreover, you can customize the post grid block easily without single-line coding.

Post grid block is fully responsive and works perfectly with all the devices. Thus, your users will have a smooth user experience across all devices.

This addon smoothly integrates with other themes, plugins, and page builders. Though it is from Elementor, it works great with other page builders.

This addon also comes with pagination and post-filtering features. You can show/hide pagination. You can filter posts by category, author, tags, etc.

If you are looking for an advanced, easy-to-use post grid plugin, this addon could be your best option.      

Key features

  • Multiple layouts for post grid
  • Each layout has several designs
  • Works smoothly on every device
  • Several customization options
  • Create designs without a single line of coding
  • Integrates seamlessly with all themes plugins, and page builders
  • SEO friendly and fast


Post Grid Elementor Addon’s primary version is free. It has a Pro version which starts at $19/yearly.

Final words

So, there you have it – my top 10 best free WordPress post grid plugins!

I hope this article has helped you find the perfect plugin to create a beautiful and functional post grid on your WordPress website.

Have I missed your favorite plugin?

Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this article with your fellow WordPress users!

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