It seems impossible to upgrade

Super to handle

A great plugin, clear and easy to configure. Should questions arise, there is fast and friendly support. Highly recommended.

2x Fantastic

Fantastic plugin and support!

best plugin

best plugin

Very Happy

My customers seem to enjoy it and I’m glad to have it.

Works Great and Excellant Support

Plugin works as described and the excellent support service.

Great Plugin

Thank you for this great plugin. It is really does the job and it works fine. Thanks


I am absolutely thrilled with the service.

1) the guys are very good at their job and are extremely helpful.
2) all my inquiries were processed.
3) all my requests were processed quickly.
4) price performance is absolutely fair.
5) extremely friendly.
6) they even made also a video and showed me exactly what was done and HOW it was done.

You can believe me friends, here you are right. I only do reviews like this for people who deserve it and they certainly do.

Thank you very much!! I look forward to more products from you!

Solid plugin

Thank you for this plugin. We’ve installed it and bought the pro version. It works as expected. The developer cares about his product and business and this is highly appreciated. Please keep the good work up.

Awesome plugin, but support is way more then awesome

Have been using the plug-in for 2 years and I must say that the support has always been fantastic, resourceful, and fast. there might be a better plug-in out there (which I doubt) but I am very sure that no other will provide this quality support.

Major discovery for us

Tabbed sidebar widgets are one excellent way to organize “too much” important content on our home page. WP Tabs is the solution we were desperately looking for after using several plugins that created unattractive tab layouts and that had problematic support. WP Tabs support has been excellent, with real solutions offered in a reasonable time frame. We’ll continue to use it, for sure.

Fast reliable support

Well designed plugin, helpful and good value for money. Very fast reliable support. At least 5 stars from me.


Tried 4 other plugins for the woocommerce product gallery, that were more often downloaded. They all conflicted in some way, either with the slider on the homepage or the product image itself was resized to a thumbnail. This plugin has only a few downloads, but it has more settings than the other plugins and – that is most important – doesn’t cause conflicts. Also works good on mobile! I am so happy! It was definitely worth the time I had to search for a suitable plugin, I almost gave up hope 😉 Thank you for your work and this amazing plugin. Regards from The Netherlands, Marion Wante

Great after support

I had a conflict with another Gallery Slider. ShapedPlugin porposed me to try their plugin. There were some issues with the settings. I contacted the support and they fixed everything very quick and now it works perfectly without any conflict. I recommended the WooGallery and I am gratefull to the support team who did a great job.

Sophisticated plugin with excellent support

There are just a few plugins out there creating such a great user interface.
It works and no wish remains open. Additionally having a difficult question the support is outstanding with such a patience you cannot imagine. Programmers do know what they do quickly and successfully.

Awesome Plugin & Awesome Support

I need to add my praise for both product and the support that comes with it to the many glowing reviews that proceed mine. Easy Accordion lives up to its name and then some.” Easy Yet Still Incredibly Powerful” would be a more accurate name.

As many others have noted, the amazing support from ShapedPlugin even outshines the great tool itself. Responses are fast, detailed, friendly—so different from the dismal norm.

Thank you ShapedPlugin Team! Greg

Versatile plugin, attentive support

(Using Easy Accordion Pro.)

I don’t use accordions in a conventional way for short bits of content. Instead, my accordions function as “More” boxes, with anywhere from 80 – 400 words, plus an image or two. The accordions can be set to a custom height with scroll bars to accommodate so much content.

Modifying one of the included accordion templates fits perfectly with my site colors and layout.

On my site, many of the accordions are destination anchors for links higher on the page. This proved problematic, but ShapedPlugin staff worked relentlessly for a solution. And found one.

In their communication, technical support staff makes movies for individual users. This is super-helpful to get to the problem and illustrate a solution.

So, although I rarely give 5 stars, top marks for Easy Accordion Pro. Great value for the money.

Awesome Plugin Awesomer Support

The plugin promises a lot but unlike other plugins this one really keeps its promises!

I only had some handling issues here and there but the Support (shoutout to Hares) was very helpful and quick. They even helped me by recording a “step by step – How to” video to help me achieve what I wanted to do.

Big thumbs up for the Shaped-Plugin-Support and Team!

Keep it up!

Beautiful Plugin, Great Support!

We recently used this plugin on our website to display our Board of Directors. I quickly upgraded to the “Pro” version so we could have access to more settings, and it was well worth it. On top of that, I received great support in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend it for similar uses.

Awesome plug-in & top notch support

We have the plugin pro version in use on two project sites in various setups and pages and I can only say it is a superb plugin and really easy to set up with so many options to display testimonials.
All is very well coded, and in case too many themes, too many core updates of WordPress;
the support is excellent.

Very responsive and super committed to solving your individual issue or your specific enhancing requirement. They even take their time to also play trough your scenario with a solution and record it on video, so it is super easy to follow and adjust as you wish.
So what more can you expect;-) More than worth it to spend this little amount on the pro version.

Wishing all the best from Germany!

Great plugin, superlative support

Does what I want at a very reasonable price. Fully featured, very customisable, yet not too complicated. When I got a bit stuck with CSS on the popup, the support team replied on the same day and sorted it out within minutes. Friendly, knowledgeable and open to feature suggestions. Can’t ask for more! On the strength of my experience with Testimonial Pro, I’ve now bought additional plugins from ShapedPlugin.

Awesome plugin for get different city weather.

Awesome plugin for getting different city weather.

Just Brilliant

A clean and attractive widget that works without any problems. Amazingly helpful customer support who gave me the custom CSS code that I needed without hesitation, 5 stars!

Great support for an amazing tool

Since I’m not very technically inclined but rather an artist of logic, I had a few problems with the tool at the beginning. After I contacted support, they got back to me within a few hours and immediately helped me where I couldn’t. I was very happy with the results. They even made a screen capture of my website to show me how the plugin works.
Now everything works tip-top and the functions are really great!

So Far, So Good!

Looked at a lot of plugins for our cast members website, and this one won out. Abel to accomplish all our goals so far. Support has been very good.

Prompt, effective support

I had an issue where a WP Team feature was behaving slightly wrong, due to an incompatibility with my theme. The support team responded quickly to my question, and eventually solved the issue without any work from me. I only had to provide temporary administrator access.

Great and flexible team plugin!

The plugin is really flexible, easy to configurate and gives you many possibilities, to present your members and teams. The support is also very fast and helpful!

excellent support

Perfect plugin! They even made a custom adjustment for me. Thanks guys

Great plugin and great support

Nice, simple plugin with a few useful extra options in the Pro version. However, it is the service/support that needs a special mention. I got prompt and helpful replies within a few hours (allowing for the time difference between countries) – even sent me a short video of how to make changes on the settings page when I had a problem. Not many developers would do that for you – believe me!

A real game changer

I’ve been involved in web development for over 20 years and this plugin must be one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s so versatile that as you come to ‘know’ it, you will realize it can be an expression of every business strategy you can think of. Suitable for any size business with any number of products or services to sell. Highly customizable, it looks good, works just fine. First-class support.


Every so often, along comes a plugin that is a game-changer. The possibilities are endless. Buy the Pro version before the developers realise what they’ve got and triple the price. And in an environment where consumers are promised “fast and dedicated support” at every turn, guess what, it is!

It’s a shame there are only 5 stars, because this one deserves more. Congratulations WP Team Pro. I’m a customer for life!

Really helpful. Does exactly what it says!

Used it to list our whole team. Will probably upgrade. Really helpful. Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Super Plugin

It has satisfied my needs as per my requirements. I am totally happy with it. thanks for an outstanding product.

I am very happy

Tabs-Pro now runs without errors – I am very happy.

Thank you, this works perfectly!
Best regards

Great plugin

Thank you for creating such a good plugin!

Excellent Tab plugin

Well crafted plugin with flexible configuration. Would have liked to be able to – set the editor default view to Code rather than Visual (via a switch in the configuration panel) – have all editor windows open at the same time – for all tabs (also via a switch in the configuration panel) – hit the save button without the editor windows being closed automatically. These are only minor details. The plugin is excellent!

Не понятно

Вроде бы все просто, но не тут-то было, ну и как-то функционала как-будто не хватает или это из-за того, что опыта мало… не пойму пока.

Looks great

Really like the product slider. Its great to have three style options and it looks really good. Only problem I have found is the dots seem to be partially obscured at the bottom.

A great product highlighter a pleasure to use

The product slider again the single best product highlighting plugin I’ve seen and the backup service was quick, direct and spot on with help Highly recommended.

A great piece of software

This would be the single best category highlighting plugin I’ve seen and the backup service was quick, direct and spot on with help Highly recommended

A great plugin for any online shop

I’m so glad I found this does everything I wanted easily and with the minimum of effort to set up.

Amazing plugin. Amazing Support. Thank You.

Great plugin with an easy user interface and the possibility to customize it. Just reach out to the support and they will help you with your requests. Thank You for your help guys! 10/10


THIS PLUGIN WORKS GREAT. MY MAIN NEED WAS TO SHOW CHILD CATEGORIES. THIS PLUGIN FULL FILL MY ALL NEEDS. WooCommerce Category Slider Team are just amazing. i just asked them to put some missing things & within 24-hours they just resolved the issue. Now i am able choose any Specific child Category among all as. Thank You so Much!

formattable detail page

The best filterable grid plugin I found to edit the text for longer details, so that the text doesn’t just run like a ribbon in a row.

Nice minimalist design, various options can be activated and sorting by drag and drop is very helpful for many members or objects.

Very fast and helpful support! I am looking forward to the next update with the option of being able to assign a separate link text and “open in a new tab” for the URL in the detail settings.

Workable plugin & Quick Support

WP Team Pro works fine! Thank you for the quick answer.

Great plugin, works perfectly

Easy to use, does the job easily.

Best plugin

Best plugin and customer service ever! Thanks team

Best quick view plugin

This is the best quick view plugin as it is easy to configure with amazing options.

Great Team plugin!

Nice plugin with huge customization options! I like it!

Thank You! Raivo

Clean & Mininal

The plugin lets you showcase your team members in a clean and minimal way. And it has a user-friendly dashboard. Loved it.

Happy Customer

Thank you for this simple to use and beautiful plugin! All that is needed for our small NGO Team page!


The new WP-Tabs is a tab menu for people who love more features. First of all you have to be playful when creating the tabs. If – then the Pro Version includes the things that make creating them really fun. The ‘WP Tabs Pro’ is then a tab menu with a sense of style.

Perfect - exactly what I needed!

Great support too!

very good!

very good plugins!!!

Very Good! Perfetto! Ottimo!

Pretty one plugin, indeed, to display responsive tabs with labels and zooming transition effect, all through an intuitive shortcode structure.

May income in small, solvable issues (displaying broken at first then re-adjusting when clicking through tabs) if served through cached pages using caching plugins. Some options field for the pro version could be appreciated (width of labels – color – skins) mainly to make it more beautiful than it already is in mobile visualization.

Usefull and very supported

Although the plugin seems to be in early stages, the developer is fast to give support with the issues it lacks of. Hope he adds the functionalities requested that he delivered via css code, building them inside de plugin itself. Keep the good work!

Great Plugin and Support

Purchased the plugin for a client, needed help and support team solved my issue within an hour. Great job and very happy.

Easy plugin with great support

The plugin is very easy to use and looks great in frontend. Also the plugin support is great! They’ll help you if you have any issues.

Great plugin with excellent support

Great WordPress team plugin that works out of the box. Thank you so much for the prompt response!

Awesome plugin

Thanks so much for great plugin and support!
Really love it.


Userfriendly plugin and great support

The most important thing that I liked was the ability to sort / drag questions with the mouse. This is very convenient and unfortunately most others do not have such a function. But in vain. It is often necessary to change the sequence of questions at the initial stage of site development.

Regarding ease of use – yes, accordions are all simple. Here, only external attractiveness is important. I liked this plugin with a neutral gray theme, which, combined with convenient sorting and adding entries, provided it with the highest rating.

Superb Slider

A great slider with excellent features and at a great price. The related products and recently viewed products features are absolutely brilliant. Support were great too. Only think I would add would be ability to have custom theme add category and move category and star ratings around to suit needs.

An awesome plugin!!!

The plugin its just great! The support worked just perfectly and real time. I needed some CSS adjustments and they did an great job! I have 2 PRO liscenses from they and I’m really happy with it!

Plugin works great, support is easy and fast

Thank you for your help with with plugin, installed for a client and had a few issues. Unlike other plugins in the WP world, support was quick to respond and easy to access. And on top of that the plugin works great! Pro version – needed a way to display some logos in a ticker style with no pauses in two rows. Had a few troubleshooting issues and support was very helpful.

Great Plugin and Service

Ok plugin purchased with free license, great service, assistance and kindness from the staff.

Italiano: Ottimo Plugin acquistato con licenza per tutti i nostri siti, Staff veloce nelle risposte, gentile e molto disponibile, Consigliato

Espanol:Plugin comprado con licencia gratuita en todos nuestros sitios, excelente servicio, asistencia y amabilidad del personal.

Simple + Sophisticated & Good Support

I am the owner of the Pro version and I use this slider for my photography studio opening page. I was looking for a simple, but customizable slider that allows for vertical & horizontal images, having the possibility for various padding and margins, being fast & simple without all these overly complicated layers, animations, texts and so forth… I just love it. It does the job perfect. Plus the support is very responsive and eager to help. After I installed the PRO I had some troubles with a function. The support ticket was handled fast and solution was implemented neatly quick too. The price of USD 39 for a single site is not exactly cheap – it’s quite expensive for what you get. But: it’s robust, does exactly the job it needs without any hick ups and is no bling-bling overkill. I can recommend this slider & the guys behind the plugin to 100%.


Feature-rich Plugin (Pro) with excellent support.

Excellent service

Paid for the premium and had premium support. Custom code had to be designed to suite the site. Excellent.

Excellent variable width carousel with great technical support

I have received excellent technical support including advice and coding from the team.
I spent some time researching this carousel (after paying for others) and this one is beginning to look great.

Thank you great service Shaped Plugin/WordPress Carousel Pro.

Great plugin, excellent support

Had a few issues setting up but support were prompt and got things straightened out.

Fantastic plugin and good and fast support

Easy to handle, works good and fast.
Thanks for creating the app!

Great and fast support, plugin simply works!

The support is really fast and willing to make changes to the code, the plugins does exactly what i want.

Excellent !

Fast and competent

Colleagues are very impressed

My colleagues are very impressed with the result of the multiple accordion. Just what we needed:-)

Very useful having the video tutorial, many alternatives don’t.

However there is a piece missing from the beginning which would provide the context by showing the page or post where the accordion(s) will be placed.

Mine has introductory text prior to the accordions, which proved very problematic with alternative providers.

Great Plugin + Great Service

I’m normally reluctant to buy plugins and review, but this really is a very flexible plugin. And most importantly for me – the service is incredibly helpful. If there’s a problem they help ASAP.

Excellent plugin and prompt support

Very happy with the pro version of WooCommerce Slider Pro and with the prompt response from the support team. Highly recommended. The definition of excellent independent software.

Fantastic Plugin!

Just what we needed – and we bought the pro version.
It’s worth it. Does everything you need.
And REALLY good and fast support when we got stuck !

Very Good support

Useful plugin and very helpful support

It’s worth going the PRO version, great features and awesome support

I know no one likes paying for anything… I tried the free version, all looked great/worked well, but really needed the lightbox features of the PRO version. I had some issues with getting the lightbox to work properly (plugin conflict), though their support people helped me out and got it all sorted/resolved pretty damn quickly which I really appreciated

Great Plugin & Support

I bought this plugin because it was the only Post Carousel I could find that allowed content to the right of an image. I had a bit of trouble with the taxonomy for Portfolio Type Posts, but after a support request, the technician provided an update that fixed the taxonomy issue.

Beautiful design and great price!

Nice Plugin

The plugin lived up to my expectation! Support team were very quick and handy!

Works Great, Fast Support

Works as advertised. Had found one bug in it, and they rolled out an update within 2 days and had it fixed.


This by far is the best testimonial plugin. Go for the pro version as it gives you all the different testimonial styles that you can think of. Very easy to use with lots of setting options for fonts, layouts and etc. You do not need to do any custom CSS coding to get your desired style.

WooCommerce Product Slider Pro

Highly recommended
fast to install and implement
well done

Awesome plugin

Does exactly what it meant to do and has a lot of customizations options. Support RTL languages like Hebrew. I’m very happy with my purchase and the support is great and professional.

Easy to use plugin

This plugin is well designed with many useful features. And the support team are an excellent help!

Good product, great support

Very easy to install and to use – however, some feature missing like individually adaptable backgrounds … can be done via CSS but should urgently be implemented into the product … Support assistants extremely friendly, fast and helpful!

Great Product + Support

The plugin is super simple to use and had everything I needed. I wanted to get a little more advanced with it and make some edits via CSS, but wasn’t too confident on how to do so. I reached out to support and they helped VERY quickly and their support was 110% of what I wanted. Highly recommend this plugin and the team behind it.

Quality Code & Excellent Performance!

I purchased Logo Carousel Pro only an hour ago, and fully configured the plugin for a top-tier website. The performance is outstanding! I’m impressed with the quality of code and configuration UI.

LCP is the finest logo carousel plugin on the market, hands down.

Keep up the great work!

Good plugin and good support

The plugin works very good and if you have a problem, they solve it very fast. Recommended.

A wonderful plugin

This plugin is fantastic. It’s simple to use and very effective. It’s by far the best of the options out there. Also I’ve found the support to be excellent. Highly recommended !!


We purchased the pro version because we needed the extra features and it’s wonderful. So many creative options! Needed support at the outset over what turned out to be a plugin conflict and support found the problem and solution in less than 12 hours. Could not be happier.

Fantastic support

Love this plugin, great functionality and excellent support when I needed to upgrade to next version. 5 stars!

Very nice Plugin

It works great and my special question to modify was answered by support very quickly.
I recommend it!

Superb Support. Absolutely Deserves 10 Stars

Superb Support. Absolutely Deserves 10 Stars

Super Carousel plugin and support

I’ve tried 3 other Gallery / Carousel plugins and this one is by far the easiest, lightweight and does exactly what I want! I had a minor glitch and support was very quick to fix it. Very happy and highly recommend this! Thank you!

Plugin works well. Good Support

Thanks, guys, my clients love it and your support was quick and useful. Have already upgraded & will use again.

Woocommerce Slider Pro

This is by far the best slider plugin, and support is very good (Uzzal has been outstanding).

It works well

Post Carousel Pro was installed without a problem on https://www.aloeride.com. A subsequent Nibbler test flagged up “7 links are weakly described. Common weak links include ‘click here’ and ‘read more’. These links fail to describe the content the link points to.” We requested for a title=” tag to be added to READ MORE of those 7 Posts and this was adjusted promptly and this potentially useful amendment has updated the plugin on the live server.

Excellent plugin

Easy to use, lots of options – great plugin.
Just get it!

Great Job

I use the Pro and am very satisfied. Support is fast and competent.

Worked wonderfully

Yay! That worked a mint! Greatly appreciate your assistance, Uzzal. Blessings to you!

Thank you!

Top support

Very happy with this plugin. And the support department 🙂

It’s all good

The plugin has been working great. Thanks so much!

Great product and great service!

I was looking for an accordion plugin for my website, and I loved Easy Accordion Pro because it was so easy to configure to match my theme. Unfortunately, I was doing a keyboard accessibility test (to ensure my site meets accessibility standards) and found that the accordions do not receive keyboard focus when tabbing through the page. I wrote to tech support and explained my issue, and they did some custom coding for me so I can continue to use Easy Accordion Pro AND meet accessibility standards. And they turned it around in about 48 hours! Great company to work with.

One of the best I’ve seen in the WordPress plugin world!

Thank you so much for your time and energy. And this amazingly simple and reliable plugin! 🙂 It’s wonderful and I would love it.

It’s simple and it works!

After spending half a day trying to find an image carousel solution for our HOA website, and coming up with only complicated or unfunctioning products, I finally stumbled upon this and it simply works! Glad to have it. May upgrade….

Quality Design & Customer Support

With all the plugins around, some stand out, and this is one of them. Both designelements and customer support are top notch, making this one of the best plugins for WooCommerce and product sliders out there.

Great !

Simple for create slider with different products type.

Great Plugin and nice support

Great plugin, very easy to use with many configurations! I recommend it for everyone!

Excellent support

I have been using a customised version of this plugin for over a year and it has proven to be excellent. Have only had one support issue in that time and the ShapedPlugin team were extremely responsive and quick in fixing the issue which was related to our site. Highly recommended these guys and their plugins.

Great plugin and excellent support

I had a tricky issue that I could not resolve but the developers were excellent (and very responsive) helping me identify and fix the issue. Great work guys, thank you.

Well designed plugin

The plug in is well designed with a lot of customize able features.
Support answered my question within 24 hours.
Would definitely recommend this product!

Great support

Nice plugin, easy to use and attentive support

Super Service!!! TOP!!!

I used this plugin for my website and it is very good.

I had a problem and was helped very quickly. Great service and a nice contact.


Excellent support

These guy went above and beyond to help me! Even adding additional icons for me 🙂 Excellent plugin!

Excellent plugin with great support

I paid for some additional customisation of this plugin and I’m very happy with the results.

Amazing Plugin and Support

Had some issues regarding the plug in but they were all resoled by the professional staff and knowledgeabgle developpers at Shaped Plugin. Higly Recommended.

Simple and efficient

Simple, functional and with good support

Great plugin and support

Thumbs up especially on the fast turnaround support.

Wonderful little gem!

Easy to install, easy to use. Support is very quick and helpful. Glad I found this gem of a plugin!

The pro version of the plugin is great!

Works well, and fantastic customer service and responses. We bought for http://jibistore.com The pro version of the plugin is great!


Works well, and fantastic customer service and responses. Quick to add functionalities upon request!

Weather pro

Awesome guys and an awesome plugin for getting different city weather updates easily. The plugin works great and is a simple weather app that does exactly what it is supposed to. Customer support is also top-notch and answered a question I had very quickly! Thanks.

very quick response!

five star service!

good product, good support

We used this plugin for our website and it is very good.

Great support and customer service!

The pro version of the plugin is great! I missed a function to limit the product titles, and they added it in their next update the next day!

Talk about customer satisfaction!

Highly flexible and fast loading

This is a really really nice plugin. When reviewing the demo, you’ll see shortcodes starting with wcp or wcf. I didn’t pick up on this until about 30 minutes into working with the plugin but wcf demos are for the free version whereas wcp is for the pro versions. I was trying to use the shortcode of the pro version on the free version and it doesn’t work. LOL

The documentation and support is very good. I submitted a support question and provided the shortcode I was using and a description of what I was trying to do and had a response in about 3-4 hours. That is pretty stellar in my experience.

Highly recommend.

Top Plugin from a Top Team

This is a great plugin. It is so easy to use.

When we initially installed WordPress Carousel Pro there was a slightly problem with the way it integrated with our theme, but ShapedPlugin worked hard to ensure it performed correctly and provided all the support we required. A first class job.

Great plugin but better support

Problems with script but solved by support.

Testimonial Pro

YNH purchased Testimonial Pro as it looked like just what we were looking for and it hasn’t disappointed. We got off to a shaky start as it didn’t want to play well but the support was brilliant and it is now in place and working fantastic.

Highly recommended!

Top support

Had issues with RTL website and slider not working…

GOOD guys, it works now 🙂

Great plugin and speedy, helpful support.

I started out with the free version of this WooCommerce product slider plugin…it was close to what I was looking for. I read further into the details and discovered when upgrading to the Pro version, it was exactly what I was looking for.

I need assistance just after purchasing the plugin and I had a response within 30 minutes and it was helpful. I had responded with another question and also received a courtesy email that solved my “user error”.

Thank you for a great plugin and even better support/customer service!

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Incredibly Top-notch Support

Safe & Secure Online Payment