WooCommerce Product Slider Pro is an amazing product slider to slide your WooCommerce Products in a tidy and professional way. It allows you to create easily attractive product slider or carousel on your website and increase your sales. You can display product slider in pages, posts, custom template and even sidebar or widget as well as anywhere you want. It comes with built-in advanced Shortcode Generator to easily control the look and function of the product slider.

It has extremely easy-to-use Shortcode Generator back-end interface that can help you to build modern and versatile product slider or carousel that cannot miss in a professional shop.


Getting Started

System Requirements

To get the best experience of this plugin, we recommend the followings–

  1. PHP 5.6 or later
  2. MySQL 5.6 or later
  3. WordPress 4.4.1 or later

To be sure about the above requirements contact your hosting vendor.


Suppose you have installed WordPress. If you do not know how to install WordPress contact your hosting provider or see the document .

  1. Login to the admin panel of WordPress
  2. Navigate to the to PluginsAdd NewUpload File Install Now. When done, click Activate Plugin.
  3. After activating the WooCommerce Product Slider Pro plugin, you are ready to use it.

This is a shortcode based plugin and it has an awesome shortcode generator. You can handle everything in the plugin without having any coding knowledge. Just generate shortcode through clicking on the generator and use it anywhere on your site.

General Settings
Slider Settings



The table is for the version older than 2.0


Call shortcode to your page template php file using

<?php  echo do_shortcode('[woo-product-slider-pro]'); ?>
No. Attribute Default value options Description
1 title Latest Product use any title here If you want to show product slider section title, you need to use this attribute.
2 items 4 use any number eg: 4/5/6 Maximum amount of products displayed at a time. It's for the largest view.
3 items_desktop 4 use any number eg: 4/5/6 Maximum amount of products displays in desktop view.
4  items_desktop_small 3 use any number eg: 3/4/5 Maximum amount of products displays in small desktop view.
5  items_tablet 2 use any number eg: 2/3/4 Maximum amount of products displays in tablet view.
6  items_mobile 1  use any number eg: 1/2/3 Maximum amount of products displays in mobile view.
7 total_items 10  use any number eg: 10/11/12 If you want to show more than 10 products, you need use this attribute.
8 color #e74c3c use color code Product slider brand color.
9 pagination true true / false Product slider pagination on / off.
10 pagination_numbers true true / false Pagination numers on /off.
11 nav true true / false Navigation on / off.
12 auto_play true true / false or any number Autoplay time in millisecond and auto play on / off.
13 stop_on_hover true true / false Stop product slider on hover.
14 products_type blank category / feature Use products type category or feature.
15 rating true true / false Product rating show / hide.
16 sale_text true true / false Product sale text show / hide.
17 category blank blank/category name/category1, category2  For all categories no need to write category name; for single category = category-name; for multiple categories write category names with comma = category1, category2.
18 order_by date date / title / modified / author / rand Select an orderBy option.
19 order DESC DESC / ASC Select an order option.
20 theme theme_one theme_one / theme_two Set product slider theme style.
21 width 400 use any number Set product image width.
22 height 500 use any number Set product image height.
23 crop true true / false Set product image crop.
24 slides_to_scroll 1 use any number Set product per slide.
25 speed 300 use any number Set slide speed.
26 auto_play_speed 3000 use any number Set auto play speed.
27 rtl false true / false Set rtl option.
Visual Composer Map

The map for WooCommerce Product Slider Pro should be in the ShapedPlugin tab –


If you have any idea or suggestion to improve this plugin, please write us here. And, Don't get any help from above documentation? don't hesitate to post your query/issue in our instant Support Forum. Thank you!


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