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Add New Slider

You need to use this menu to create a new ‘Category Slider’ to show the categories in the post or page.

There is a layout for creating a category slider.

  • Slider

We have described the layout in the ‘Shortcode Generator Settings’ section of this documentation. We have described here the process of adding a new category slider.

Step- 1 :

  • Go to the ‘General Settings’ tab of the plugin.
  • Select the ‘Slider Layout’ from the ‘Layout Preset’ option. You can choose only the ‘Slider Layout’ from here.
  • Now set the number of category columns in the different devices for responsive view. The default value of the large screen, desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile are 4, 3, 2, 2, 1 columns.
  • Select an option to filter the categories to show in the slider.
  • Now, you have some options for hiding some selective categories. Also, you will find the show/hide options for child/subcategories.
  • Set ordering system from the below options of the General Settings tab and enable or disable the preloader for the slider.

Screenshot →

General Settings

Step – 2 :

The ‘Slider Controls’ tab of the plugin, contains all the settings options for controlling the slider.

  • Set some settings from the ‘Slider Controls’ tab of the plugin like slider row(s) in different devices, Autoplay options, Slider direction & Scrolling options.
  • There are three basic sections for controlling the slider.
    1. Navigation
    2. Pagination
    3. Miscellaneous
  • Here you will be able to styles the navigation and pagination of the slider.

Screenshots →

  • Slider Controls
Slider Controls
  • Navigation Settings
Navigation Settings
  • Pagination & Miscellaneous Settings
Pagination & Miscellaneous Settings

Step – 3 :

Category slider title and content displaying options are in the ‘Display Options’ tab of the plugin.

  • Go to the ‘Display Options’ tab of the plugin and set all the settings to display all the content in the slider.
Display Options
  • Set all the options for the ‘Shop Now’ button.
  • Now set the icon color, size, alignment & margin from the ‘Category Content’ section of the plugin.
Category Content Settings
  • Also, you will find the category name, product count, custom text, description & shop now button settings options for displaying all the content in the slider.
  • At last, you can set the link target from the ‘Link Target’ options.
    • _self
    • _blank
    • _parent
    • _top
    • framename

Screenshot →

Shop Now Button options


Step – 4 :

The ‘Thumbnail Settings’ tab of the plugin contains the category slider thumbnail options.

  • Set the thumbnail border, margin options for thumbnail styles in the slider from the ‘Thumbnail Settings’ tab of the plugin.
  • You can set the thumbnail size from this setting tab of the plugin.

Screenshot →

Thumbnail Setting options