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Template Content


  1. Main Logo: Upload your main logo image.
  2. Logo Width: Set a logo width if necessary.
  3. Logo Height: Set a logo height if necessary.
  4. Template Title: Write a Title for the Under maintenance page. It is used as the main title of the page.
  5. Template Content: Write content for the maintenance page, it appears under the main title.

    Countdown Date Settings:

  6. Show Countdown Timer: On the switch to display the countdown timer.
  7. Countdown Date: Set a Countdown date when the main project will be launched.
  8. Countdown time: The time is used the starting point of the main project.
  9. Countdown Date Color: Set a color for the countdown date.
  10. Show Progressbar: On the switch to Progressbar and off to hide.
  11. Progressbar Width: Set numeric value as the percentage of the


  12. Show Subscription Field: On the switch to show subscription field.
  13. Subscription Title: Write a title for subscription area shown above the subscription field.
  14. Email Field Label*: Write a label for email field used as the placeholder.
  15. Button Label: Write a subscription button label.
  16. Success Message: Write a message to show after successful subscription.
  17. Failure Message: Write a message to show after unsuccessful subscription.
  18. MailChimp Action URL: Set MailChimp Action URL of your campaign list. To use MailChimp, you’ll need an Action URL. Go to your MailChimp List → click on the List nameSignup formEmbedded form → Search with action among the codes. Then paste the action value here.
  19. Show Footer: On the switch to show footer.
  20. Social Links: Set social links.
  21. Footer Copyright Text: Write copyright text.