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  1. Main Background: Set a background for the maintenance page-a) Solid Color: Select Solid Color background option.
    i. Set a background color.b) Gradient Color:
    i. Set left and the right color for the Gradient background.c) Particles:
    i. Set a color as the Particles background color.d) Snowfall Solid Background:
    i. Set a background color used as the Snowfall solid background.

    e) Snowfall Image Background:
    i. Set a background image for the Snowfall image background.

    f) Image:
    i. Upload a picture used as the static background.

    g) Slider:
    i. Upload slider images used as the background.

    h) Kenburn Slider:
    i. Upload background images used as the Kenburn Slider.

    i) YouTube Video:
    i. Paste Youtube video ID.
    ii. Upload a poster image.

    j) Vimeo Video:
    i. Paste the Vimeo video ID.

    k) Self Hosted Video:
    i. Upload mp4 format video.
    ii. Upload WebM format video.
    iii. Upload Ogv format video.
    iv. Upload a poster image.
    v. Turn on the switch to play the background video repeatedly.
    vi. Turn on the switch to off video sound.

    Background Overlay:

  2. Background Overlay: Set a background overlay color used as the template content background.
  3. Background Overlay Footer Color: Set a footer background color.

    Brand Color:

  4. Main Color: Set a color as main brand color.
  5. Main Hover Color: Set hover color for brand color.
  6. Border Color: Set a color for button border.
  7. Button Background Color: Set a button background color.
  8. Button Background Hover Color: Set a hover color for button background.


  9. Font Family for Body: Set a font family for body content.
  10. Font Family for Subscription Title: Set a font family for subscription title.
  11. Custom CSS: Write custom CSS here.
  12. Google Analytics: Paste Google analytics code here including </script></script> tags.