Logo Carousel Pro is carousel/slider plugin to make logo/image carousel in your WordPress site. It’s fully responsive. It has many options like Linkable logo, Hover effect, item number option etc.

Getting Started

System Requirements

To get the best experience of this plugin, we recommend the followings–

  1. PHP 5.6 or later
  2. MySQL 5.6 or later
  3. WordPress 4.4.1 or later

To be sure about the above requirements contact your hosting vendor.


Suppose you have installed WordPress. If you do not know how to install WordPress contact your hosting provider or see the document .

  1. Login to the admin panel of WordPress
  2. Navigate to the to Plugins → Add New → Upload File. Click Choose File and select the zipped file named logo-carousel-pro. Click Install Now. When done, click Activate Plugin.
  3.  After activating the Logo Carousel Pro plugin, you are ready to add logo carousel in your post, page, widget or anywhere you like.

[logo-carousel-pro id="1"]
No. Attribute Default value options Description
1  id 1 use your ID eg: 1 or 2 If you want to show multiple logo carousels on a page, you need use different ID eg: id="1" and id="2"
2  target _blank _blank / _self / _parent / _top  Set a target option.
3  items 5 use any number eg: 2/3/4/5  Maximum amount of items displayed at a time.
4 link true true/false Enable or disable logo link.
5  color  #11B8EA  color code  Carousel brand color.
6  category  all  category1, category2  For all cagtegories no need to write category name; for single category = category name; for multiple categories write category names with comma = category1, category2.
7  order_by  date  date, title, modified, author, rand  Select an orderBy option.
8  order  DESC  DESC, ASC  Select an order option.
9 dots false true / false Show carousel bullets or not.
10 title false  true / false Show logo title or not.
11  nav  true  true / false  Show next/prev buttons.
12 auto_height  false  true / false  Use carousel height auto.
13 stop_on_hover  true  true / false  Stop carousel on hover.
14 border true true / false Enable or disable logo border.
15 gray_scale false true / false Enable or disable logo grayscale style.
16 tooltip true true / false Enable or disable logo tooltip. [If the title="true", this option won't work.]
17 tooltip_position top top / bottom / left / right
18 dots  true  true / false
19 nav_position nav_position_top_right nav_position_top_right / nav_position_top_left / nav_position_top_center / nav_position_bottom_left / nav_position_bottom_right / nav_position_bottom_center / nav_position_vertical_center / nav_position_vertical_center_hover
20 margin 3  number
21 total_items 10 number
22 items_desktop 4 number  Show logos on desktop.
23 items_desktop_small 3 number  Show logos on small desktop.
24 items_tablet 2 number  Show logos on tablet.
25 items_mobile 1  number  Show logos on mobile.
26 auto_play  true  true / false
27 theme carousel carousel / filter / grid Set theme style
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01. How to use Logo Carousel Pro