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31ticker_modefalsetrue / falseUse the attribute to activate the ticker carousel mode which will set a smooth transiton to the carousel.

No. Attribute Default value options Description
1  width  600  number  Used as the image width in pixel.
2  height  360  number  Used as the image height in pixel.
3  crop  true  true / false  Set true to crop the image.
4  target _blank _blank / _self / _parent / _top  Set a target option.
5  items 5 Numerical value only; e.g. 5  Maximum amount of items displayed at a time.
6 link true true/false Enable or disable logo link.
7  color  #11B8EA  color code  Carousel brand color.
8  category  all  category1, category2  For all cagtegories no need to write category name; for single category = category name; for multiple categories write category names with comma = category1, category2.
9  order_by  date  date, title, modified, author, rand, menu_order  Select an orderBy option.
10  order  DESC  DESC, ASC  Select an order option.
11 dots false true / false Show carousel bullets or not.
12 title false  true / false Show / hide logo title.
13 title_position bottom  bottom / on_hover Set logo title position.
14 title_font_size 14 Numerical value only; e.g. 15 Resize logo title font size.
15  nav  true  true / false  Show next/prev buttons.
16 auto_height  false  true / false  Use carousel height auto.
17 stop_on_hover  true  true / false  Stop carousel on hover.
18 border true true / false Enable or disable logo border.
19 gray_scale ” (blank) gray_on_hover, color_on_hover, always_gray Enable grayscale effect for logo.
20 tooltip true true / false Enable or disable logo tooltip. [If the title=”true”, this option won’t work.]
21 tooltip_position top top / bottom / left / right  Used as the tooltip position .
22 dots  true  true / false  Show dots or not.
23 nav_position nav_position_top_right nav_position_top_right / nav_position_top_left / nav_position_top_center / nav_position_bottom_left / nav_position_bottom_right / nav_position_bottom_center / nav_position_vertical_center / nav_position_vertical_center_hover  Used as the nav position
24 margin 3  number  Used as the marign left and right of image.
25 total_items -1 number  Total number of items to show in the carousel. Default value is unlimited.
26 items_desktop 4 number  Show logos on desktop.
27 items_desktop_small 3 number  Show logos on small desktop.
28 items_tablet 2 number  Show logos on tablet.
29 items_mobile 1  number  Show logos on mobile.
30 auto_play  true  true / false  Carousel auto play or not.
31 theme carousel carousel / filter / grid Set a theme style
32 auto_play_speed 3000 number Time of beginning AutoPlay
33 slides_to_scroll 1 number Number of slides to scroll at a time.
34 speed 300 number Time of sliding.
35 rtl false true / false Use the attribute to activate the RTL mode.(WordPress dashboard should have set an RTL language e.g. Arabic.)
36 vertically_center true true / false Use the attribute to make the images vertically centered