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Main Settings


Plugin activation and Home section setting are included in Main Settings. Let’s see how we can do these–

    1. Plugin Mode: To activate the plugin select Coming Soon and to deactivate select Off.
    2. Section Sorter: You can resort all the sections here. If you want to hide any section drag it to Inactivate Sections.
    3. Meta Title: Meta title is used as the site title and window/tab title.
    4. Meta Keywords: Type your desired meta keywords.
    5. Meta Description: Type your site meta description in this field.
    6. Favicon Image: Upload a favicon image favicon. The image should be square (width and height 16px × 16px or 32px × 32px) and format should be one of PNG, GIF and ICO.
    7.  Show Preloader Image: On the switch to show the preloader image.
    8. Main Logo: Upload your main logo image.
    9. Logo Width: Set the logo width in pixel.
    10. Logo Height: Set the logo height in pixel.
    11. Main Titles: Write the main titles. Use Heading1 and Heading2 to get the demo style.
    12. Home Section Content Color: Used as a color of some contents in the home section.
    13. Show Countdown Timer: Keep on the switch to show countdown timer.
    14. Countdown Date: Set countdown date when the project will be launched.
    15. Countdown Date Color: Set a color for countdown date.
    16. Social Links: To set a social link click Add New Social and to Delete social link click Remove.
       a) Social Icon: Set social Icon. b) Social Profile URL: Set your social profile link.

Subscription Field

  1. Show Subscription Form: On the switch to show subscription form.
  2. Subscription Field Title: The title is set above the subscription field.
  3. Email Field Label: Write a label for email field what is used here as the placeholder.
  4. Button Label: Write a subscription button label.
  5. Success Message: Write a subscription message label.
  6. Failure Message: Write a subscription failure message.
  7. MailChimp Action URL: Set MailChimp Action URL of your campaign list. In order to use MailChimp, you’ll need an Action URL. Go to your MailChimp List → click on the List nameSignup formEmbedded form → Search with action among the codes. Then paste the action value here.