Logo Carousel

Shortcode Used: [logo-carousel-pro]


Auto Play Off

Shortcode Used: [logo-carousel-pro auto_play="false" border="false" nav="false"]


Auto Play with Time without controller

Shortcode Used: [logo-carousel-pro auto_play="1000" border="false" nav="false" dots="false"]


Pro Version Demo:

Logo Carousel with custom number (4 Logos)

Shortcode Used: [logo-carousel-pro items="4"]


GrayScale style with Random order

Shortcode Used: [logo-carousel-pro gray_scale="true"]


Ticker mode carousel & Nav Position Top Center without tooltip

Shortcode Used: [logo-carousel-pro nav_position="nav_position_top_center" border="false" dots="false" nav="false" ticker_mode="true" speed="3500"]


Nav Position Top Left with title & 2 Logos slide

Shortcode Used: [logo-carousel-pro nav_position="nav_position_top_left" title="true"]


Nav Position Top Right with tooltip position “bottom”

Shortcode Used: [logo-carousel-pro tooltip_position="bottom" dots="false"]


Nav Position Bottom Right

Shortcode Used: [logo-carousel-pro nav_position="nav_position_bottom_right" border="false" color="#FC427B"]


Nav Position Bottom Left

Shortcode Used: [logo-carousel-pro nav_position="nav_position_bottom_left"]


Nav Position Bottom Center

Shortcode Used: [logo-carousel-pro nav_position="nav_position_bottom_center"]


Nav Position Vertical Center

Shortcode Used: [logo-carousel-pro nav_position="nav_position_vertical_center" border="false" color="#F97F51"]


Nav Position Vertical Center on Hover without dots

Shortcode Used: [logo-carousel-pro nav_position="nav_position_vertical_center_hover" dots="false" border="false"]


Filtering style

Shortcode Used: [logo-carousel-pro theme="filter" total_items="15"]


Grid style

Shortcode Used: [logo-carousel-pro theme="grid" total_items="15" border="false"]